Amusement park Unique in Latin America. Multiple attractions of ultimate generation, on stage shows and performances. Coastline train ride included.

The Parque de la Costa is the more important Park of diversions thematic of Argentina. It is located in the North Zone of the Buenosairean Conurbano of the Argentine Republic, more indeed in Tiger. He was inagurado in April of 1997. Designed in fan form is described it like only in its sort within Latin America. From his inauguration it has received, approximately, more than 8.000.000 of visitors. It presents/displays a multiple supply of mechanical attractions, games, services, gastronomical proposal and live for all the ages, as in atmospheres as much outdoors closed shows. It occupies, approximately, a surface of 15 has, in the confluences of the rivers Tigre and Luján. A set of buildings is had around the Dancing Water Source more powerful of the continent, with water screen to projections of video and laser.

 Frecuency: Saturday, Sunday & Holiday

 Schedule:: 9:45 am

 Structure: Unique in Latin America.
Multiple sensational attractions of ultimate generation. + unlimited atractions..

 Lenght: 8 hs.