An exciting show. The gaucho´s epic adventure and his traditions. From the arrival of the horse in the Americas until the birth of a Nation.

Amazing Light and sound effects, fireworks. A First-Rate Show, comparable to the best in the world, A unique show in Argentina.

The Horse has been a key protagonist of our country´s history and the inseparable partner of the gaucho, the typical inhabitant of the pamapas. The horse became part of the Argentine people´s life and during the conquest of the desert, when defendig the border with the indian camps, in the wars for independece and in the fights for the consolidation of the country.

Opera Pampa is a dynamic and uninterrupted succession of fascinating scenes portraying different historical times and memorable events in the history of the Americas and mainly in the history of Argentina.
The show integrates different artistic expressions: folklore dances, musicians, singers, equestrian displays, fixed and moving stages, live and pre-recorded music and songs, and light and sound effects, among others.

After the show, you may try the famous Argentine beef and discover its rich, tender taste. The beef is grilled in a typical gaucho barbacue pit.

But that is not all. After the show, you can visit a fine winery where the best Argentine wines are made. You may taste the wines over dinner of buy them in gift-wrapped boxed cases. Admission of the winnery is included.

Frecuency: From Thursday to Sunday.

Exclusive Shows for your company if required (ask for a special rate)

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