In the very heart of San Telmo neighborhood, this refurbished historic conventillo is a classic building of the Buenos Aires culture. La Ventana is a trip to older times. The interior architectural style is preserved, and creates the ideal setting for a unique experience; 35 artists in scene, two tango orchestras, a folklore band, dancers and singers; a menu that consists of several traditional and international dishes, and a list of excellent Argentine wines.






Cold Entrees

Caprese salad
Tomato, mozarella chesse ,basil and olive oil.

Chef salad
Tomato, ham, lettuce, cheese, carrot, hard-boiled egg, red cabbage.

Vitel Thone
Thin beef in slices enhanced with pink sauce (tuna, milk cream, mayonnaise and white wine) Anchovies and hard-boiled egg.

Ham Roll
With mascarpone cheese, arugula, carrot, mozarella on mattress of green leaves.

Hot Entrees

Meat Pie
Vegetable Soup
Cream Soup


Bread pudding
With caramel and orange sauce topping.

Homemade egg custard
Pancake with Argentinean caramel

Ice Cream
Argentinean caramel, chocolate, strawberry, vainilla, lemon

Fruits Salad


Main Course

Grilled Baby Beef (Blue – Red – Medium – Well done)
With french fries or tomato.

Grilled Pallar of entrecot (Blue – Red – Medium – Well done)
With french fries.

Grilled Pallar of Chicken
With french fries or season vegetables to the vapor.

Grilled Pork Rose Meat
With french fries.

With glassed carrots and sweet potatoes

De Cecco´s Spaghetti
With Tomato sauce, Parisienne sauce, Oleo or sweet basil and garlic.

Canelones  filled with spinach
With béchamel and tomato sauce.

With steamed seasonal vegetables.