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The Building of Michelangelo already existed since 1849. Its antiquity, architecture and history make it an unique place in Buenos Aires. The Field it occupies is part of the active history of Argentina from the XVII century. From excavations performed in its cellars customs from the forgotten colonial times can be reconstructed.

Today, the proposal of Michelangelo is emphasized by its dinner and show in an unfogettable atmosphere, at the historical central area of San Telmo.


The Show of Michelangelo is supported by the outstanding characters of Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau and his company. Michelangelo chase these artist for their career with the great masters of Tango, their worldwide fame and their high aesthetic value in scene. With 30 artist in scene, the show creates stories of Tango from its beginnings to the modern Tango of Piazzolla and Mores. An stunning corps de ballet accompained by live orchestra and the amazing voice of our singers create a show wich is the envy of any theatre of the world.

Gloria and Eduardo's dance company
Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau have been referents of the Tango show for more than four decades, working together with Astor Piazzolla, Mariano Mores, Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Juan D' Arienzo, Francisco Canaro, Roberto Goyeneche, Osvaldo Piro, Orlando Marconi, Susana Rinaldi, among many others, and then with their own company, in Argentina, Lantin America, USA, Canada, Europe, Tokyo, in "tanguerias". theatres, television and cinema.



The dishes we serve at Michelangelo are a synthesis of the cooking tradition in Argentina. The atmosphere and the show, as well, as the dinner, are prepared to fill the senses with passion for Tango. The flavors are backed up with the important collection of wines, witch are kept in ideal conditions in our Historical Cellar.


Michelangelo's Menu

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