Fly Fishing in Central Patagonia – Esquel – ARGENTINA (Week Programs)


Fishing season
Starting on the 1rst of November 2009, and finishing on 1rst of May 2010

The fishing
After more than 100 years of their introduction from the northern hemisphere, salmonids have found in our waters, their perfect habitat. Rainbow trout, brown trout, brookies and landlocked salmon, along with native perch and pejerrey, enjoy the marvelous clear waters of our area.

Be ready for trout that average 17 or 18 inches on small creeks and rivers, and for 22 to 24 inch fish on some of our big rivers and lakes.

A lot of dry fly fishing, caddis, mayflys, dragon flys, stone flys; terrestrials, ants, hoppers; nymphs, all size and shape…plus, big dry atractors and streamers…you will have the chance to go through all your fly box and maybe back at the lodge, ty some new patterns…

Our standard program offers a week stay (six fishing days) on at least three different rivers, spring creeks or lakes.

We are talking about, float fishing, wading, fishing from the bank…Distances are big, but our vehicles and drivers will make the journey pleasant and safe.

How to get there
From Buenos Aires city, fly to Esquel Airport or Bariloche International Airport and connect to Esquel or from Bariloche 4 hours drive.

Our week program includes:
All land transport, from Esquel airport and back.
Food and lodging. Basic choice of wines, all soft drinks, beer.
Fees and entrances to National Park, private waters
Insurance, guiding.

Not included:
Spirits or wines other than our choice.
Fishing licenses
Fishing equipment, waders, boots, etc. we do not provide equipment of any sort, only in the exceptional case of lost luggage.
Flight tickets Buenos Aires – Esquel (Aproximately rate for non residents by Aerolienas Argentinas U$D)


Your hosts, guides

Young but really professional guides will share their passion and knowledge with you. All English and Spanish speaking, experts on their waters.

Food and lodging
During your stay, you will have the chance to try the real flavour of argentine cuisine, our beef (barbecued in our patagonian country style), our wines and beers with the fresh touch of homegrown vegetables and berries.
Small family run lodges and farmhouses will be our accommodation.

Consider that November and December are spring months, water is high and weather can change easily, temperatures can vary from 4-5 below cero to 25 degrees at midday on a sunny day. Be ready for wind, rain or a sunny warm day. Fishing is really productive,, although depending on the amount of snowfall in the winter, some spots are difficult to reach. January, February and March: is the high season, we will find some more fishermen on some of the spots (we always keep some secret-private ones), weather is generally pleasant with many hours of daylight, more wading places, but don’t forget you are in Patagonia, it cools down in the evening, and water is generally cold, about 13 degrees C.

End of march and april, our fall is starting, days go shorter, temperature lowers, but the colours of the forest and the insect activity will make the difference…

What to bring:
Waders, boots, etc: breathable waders, chest high and felt sole boots (no spikes please), rain jackets wide brim hat or cap.

Sun protection: it’s a must to wear sun protection and Polaroid sun glasses.

Rods, lines, flies…
If you are bringing only one rod, our advise, a nr. 5 will work on most of the situations. If you like to swop, a nr. 4 on small creeks, a nr. 5 for most of the rivers and some lakes, and a nr. 6 for some lakes, big rivers or bocas. .

Side programs (also programs for non fishing guests)
We can arrange side programs such as bird-watching, horse riding, etc. Maybe if its your first trip to this part of the world, you would enjoy visiting a patagonian sheep ranch!


*Note: Flat tariff for a minimum of two anglers