Our trip begins in San Telmo, in the Flea Market: place of unique pieces and various attractions. Then we will go to the north part of the City, crossing the area of Parks and wonderful buildings. We will see the imposing La Plata River the widest river in the world. Opposite to the river we will find Jorge Newbery Airport, the Fishing Club, the River Plate World stadium and the Buenos Aires University. We will pass through the Presidential Residency in Olivos.

San Isidro, to enjoy the interesting places this place offers. The old part and the Cathedral, cradle of the high aristocracy by the end of the XIX century. There, we will have Lunch. Afterwards, we will go to Tigre City, known as the cradle of rowing. We will take the modern Panoramic Catamaran and we will enjoy the Paraná Delta. In a quiet, stable and safe route we will go into the islands and islets labyrinth full of rivers and streams. We will learn about the life in the island, recreation and aquatic sports. Bus + Boat + Delta : an ideal combination to enjoy the north part of Buenos Aires!!!!!!!