You will discover the beauty and magic of Buenos Aires, the traditional tour of the city.

Starting from Colón Theatre we can see the Obelisco, a national symbol then you will visit PLAZA DE MAYO: historical, political and foundational epicenter. In this particular square we can underline the Metropolitan Cathedral, Government House, the Cabildo and the Municipality.

This journey continues southwards, walking along old-stoned streets, ornamented with a hundred-year-old streetlamps and houses. The next step is SAN TELMO neighborhood, closely associated with “Tango”. Following the same direction we arrive to La Boca neighborhood. There we find Boca Juniors Football Stadium, which is the maximum example of Argentina’s Passion: Football.

In this neighborhood we can find “the conventillos” which are colorful buildings with sheet roofs. These were the places where years ago Italian immigrants choose to live, but nowadays the “conventillos” are the houses where poor people live. We will visit CAMINITO: the most tourist place of the area. Bordering the Riachuelo, our tour continues northwards, visiting the old port we can notice how the physiognomy of the city changes. We can see recycled dikes in the front part of PUERTO MADERO.

In the area of Retiro / San Martín Square, we connect with Libertador Ave. and we enter the north of Buenos Aires City. We will visit Palermo, which is a residential neighborhood with parks and elegant buildings. We can see San Martiniano Institute, embassies, museums and significant monuments. Lastly we arrive to the region known as Bosques (Woods), among the most important places we will visit El Rosedal, Carta Magna y las Cuatro Regiones de Argentina Monument and the Zoo. In the imposing Libertador Ave. we finally arrive to the sophisticated RECOLETA, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods, where, among other attractions, we can find the famous Cemetery and elegant cafés and restaurants. This is the end of the journey and the beginning of your romance with Buenos Aires!!!!


TIGRE DELTA ( bus, boat)

Our trip goes to the north part of the city. As we pass through the gardens and the beautiful buildings, we can see a sensational panoramic view of la Plata River, the widest river in the world. Opposite to the river we will find Jorge Newbery Airport, used for domestic flights.
In the last part, before leaving Buenos Aires, we will see the River Plate World Stadium and Buenos Aires University. Going through the borders of the city we will take Panamericana Freeway to make a route of 30 km until we arrive to Tigre City. Tigre is known as the cradle of rowing. In the Fluvial Port we will take the modern Panoramic Catamaran and we will enjoy the Paraná Delta. In a quiet, stable and safe route we will go into the islands and islets labyrinth full of rivers and streams. We will learn about the life in the island, recreation and aquatic sports.

There, we will enjoy the old part and the Cathedral, cradle of the argentine high aristocracy by the end of the XIX century. Back to Buenos Aires by bus we will see the Presidential residency placed in Olivos. Bus + Catamaran: the ideal combination to enjoy the north part of Buenos Aires!!