In Escobar, only 30 minutes from Buenos Aires City, the nature has its own place called Temaikén, an unique and innovative experience.

Temaikén comes from the words TEM = LAND and AIKÉN = LIFE, and it means "The land of life" in the language of Tehuelches.

Tehuelches or Patagonian were native tribus (indians) from Southern Patagonia. Temaikén is a 34 hectare-zoo-park where the three big habitats of nature are recreated, water, land and air, where you can find a diversity of autochthonec species and also species from other regions in the world. It is diveded in three large areas: The African zone, with flamingos, pelicans, antelopes, suricates, lemurs, colobus, zebras and hippopotamus. The Asian zone, with tigers, frugivorous bats, and squirrels among others, and The Autochthonic specie zone, divided in two sub-areas: Mesopotamia - Patagonia.Where the characteristic environments from both regions are represented.

The acuarium is a fascinating habitat, its journey begins with the puddle of the tide that represents a maritime-littoral environment that is flooded and chained by the action of the tides, it continues on the Fresh-Water-Acuarium, that recreates one of the Mesopotamia's river, and ends on the Marine Acuarium with autochthonic fish from the Argentinian Sea. In the 360° Movie Theater, thru its eight screens, the images an sounds surround you and take you to a Nature Voyage through the time and space, making you responsable of taking care of our Planet.

Two Interactive Centers with the most modern technological resourses: "Patagonia Viva": which means Patagonia Alive, is an environment that encourages the knouledge of the Patagonian fauna and transmits the Conservation of the Condor of the Andes Project, in which the Temaikén Foundation takes part.

"El agua cuenta su historia" which mean the water tells its story, is a space dedicated to the knowledge an taking concience about the importance of the water on our Planet.