THE LIGHTS OF BUENOS AIRES: the beauty of Buenos Aires at night. We will enjoy the Spaniards Monument, the Planetario, Palermo, the Racetrack, Recoleta, a walking trip, Subway Line A, National Congress, Plaza de Mayo (square), Puerto Madero, Lola Mora, Buenos Aires Casino. Discover the beauty of the spectacular nightlife. Together with our experienced tourist guides you will see THE LIGHTS OF BUENOS AIRES. We will enjoy the Libertador Ave. glamour, surrounded by beautiful constructions. We will also see the Planetario, the Racetrack, the Polo Stadium and the Spaniards Monument.

In Recoleta our guides will invite you to discover the variety of coffee shops, the pedestrian area, restaurants and discotheques. We will continue in the Alvear and 9 de Julio Avenues. More night places, the old and renewed Mayo Ave until we arrive to the National Congress. We will make a trip in the subway Line A (METRO) the oldest in South America to the area of Plaza de Mayo (square) where you may have a spectacular sightseeing of the illuminated Civic Centre. We will have a walk to Colón Square, which is in front of Puerto Madero that will be our last visit point.

We will make a stop in the Lola Mora Monument. To conclude this trip we will invite you to the attractive floating Casino of Buenos Aires Casino. A unique experience in your life! .

 Frecuency: Sunday

 Schedule:: 19 pm

Av del Libertador
Facultad de Derecho
Law School
Floralis Generica
Monumento de los Españoles
Spanish Monument
Recoleta tour a pie
Recoleta walking tour
Metro A
Congreso Nacional
National Congress
Pza de Mayo
May Sq
Lola Mora
Pto Mader

 Lenght: 3 hs.