This is a great opportunity to see how Buenos Aires City looks like from the La Plata River. You will understand why it is called “La Reina del Plata”. In a two-hour sailing tour you will obtain a fantastic perspective of the City. We invite you to sail across La Plata River so as to appreciate an exceptional view , which ornaments the coast of Buenos Aires City. On our ship we will be served an excellent lunch. We will enjoy a fascinating two-hour tour sailing across the Coast Channel of La Plata River up to the surroundings of River Plate Stadium.

You will see the inside of Buenos Aires Port with its vast activity, the Yacht Club of Argentina that was founded in 1883, the old Immigrants´ Hotel, the classic Fishing Club with its particular building, Jorge Newbery Airport, the University of Buenos Aires, the different nautical sports, the variety of ships and the marvelous view of Buenos Aires City flirting with an imposing dusk.

 Frecuency: Monday

 Schedule:: Pm

Boat Ride 2:30 hs
Río de la Plata
River Plate
Spectacular View
transfers incl

 Lenght: 3 hs.