In a one-day visit you will go to Colonia, URUGUAY. This little city invites you to submerge in its history. May be it is the oldest of its country. Due to its architectural charm and beauty UNESCO recently declared it Mankind Patrimony.

In the opposite coast of La Plata River only 45 minutes by ship is placed Uruguay, our neighbor country. We arrive to Colonia del Sacramento, a little village built surrounding a lighthouse that offers you its little streets such us: Santa Rita, San Gabriel, de los Suspiros. Its wall that was about to be Portuguese, the Azulejo Museum, the bulls´ squares and the Municipal Palace, have remarkable determined its identity. It is impossible not to enjoy this trip. Includes: Quick ship Buenos Aires-Colonia-Buenos Aires. Welcoming at the port. Lunch: first course, main dish, dessert Trips: City tour visiting the main attractions of Colonia and surroundings. We will visit the historical neighborhood (Armas Square, de los Suspiros Street, The lighthouse, the Ruins of San Francisco Convent, Bulls´Squares, San Carlos Royal Racetrack, Frontón de Pelota)

Tour: Full day Colonia

 Frecuency: Daily

7:00 am Hotel pick up. Transfer from hotel to Buquebus terminal.
7:45 am Check in / Migration.
8:30 pm Departure in the next Generation overcraft to the Colonia City.
9:30 am Arrive in Colonia del Sacramento city.
City sightseeing the Historical Neighbourhoods and museums.
Drive along the coastline, visit to San Carlos real bull's square.
Transfers and lunch at El Mirador Casino Hotel (entree, main course and desserts).

Time at leisure.

 Return Options:
2:15 pm and
8:15 pm
Return transfer to port.
3:00 pm and
9:00 pm
Departure to the Buenos Aires port.
3:45 pm and
9:45 pm
Arrival to port Buquebus terminal. Transfer from terminal to hotel.

Colonia del Sacramento (formerly the Portuguese Colónia do Sacramento) is a city in southwestern Uruguay, by the Río de la Plata, facing Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the oldest town in Uruguay and capital of the departamento of Colonia. It has a population of 21,714 (2004 census). It is renowned for its historic quarter, a World Heritage Site. Modern Colonia del Sacramento produces textiles and has a free trade zone, in addition to a polytechnic center and various government buildings.

The Barrio Histórico (historic quarter) section of Colonia del Sacramento is designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is a popular tourist attraction for visitors from Buenos Aires, and there is frequent ferry service across the Río de la Plata between the two cities, with hydrofoils completing the journey in just 50 minutes. The historical section of Colonia, which has some cobblestone streets built by the Portuguese in the 17th century, is within walking distance of the ferry terminal. Among the notable visitor attractions around the tree-lined Plaza Mayor (main square) are:
* Portón de Campo – the City Gate and wooden drawbridge
* Lighthouse and convent ruins of the 17th century Convent of San Francisco
* Basilica del Sanctísimo Sacramento – the Basilica of the Holy Sacrament, built of stone by the Portuguese in 1808
* Portuguese Museum – constructed in the 18th century, it exhibits Portuguese furnishings, jewellry, uniforms and old maps of Portuguese naval expeditions
* Casa de Nacarello – an 18th century Portuguese house
* Municipal Museum – rebuilt by the Spanish in 1835 as the Casa del Almirante Brown, it exhibits artifacts and documents of the city's different periods and cultures
* Viceroy's House – the Casa del Virrey, reconstructed from the original ruins
* Iglesia Matriz – the oldest church in Uruguay, dating from 1695-99
* Plaza de toros Real de San Carlos, a Bullring included in an old tourist complex now abandoned.