Imagine a trip through the time machine to Buenos Aires of yesteryear, to the tune of tango, in the heart of La Boca, enjoying an integrated package of services and attractions in a single place. Boca Tango offers a complete 3-hr program that includes lunch or dinner in a country style restaurant, for a taste of the best local meals; a stroll along a barrio with a stage play that recreates the lifestyle of conventillo dwellers; a vintage café; a wine cellar; a spectacular tango show and a safe shopping area. A memorable experience at the first theme promenade in town.

Bocatango Restaurant
A warm and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy lunch or dinner with typical local meals: top quality beef on the embers, Patagonian mutton, homemade pasta, and fish from the southern lakes, and world class wine from our cellar.



Theme Promenade
BocaTango takes you to a barrio where the play “El Conventillo Viviente” is staged. Twenty performers sing and dance to recreate the lifestyle of typical conventillo dwellers. You’ll feel you’re part of the history of tango in La Boca.

Stained Glass Café
A classic Belle Epoque Café engulfed in magnificent stained glass is the entryway to the Tango Salon, where in the comfort of a table or box you’ll enjoy one of the top shows in town with a live orchestra, dancers and tango singers.



The History:

Characterized by it high payements, cobbled streets and colourful facades, La Boca stands out from the rest of the neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, Its Conventillos, old owellings for immigrants, were built with street metal on timber piles and painted with the remains of paint from the boats its distinctive lively colours.
The Caminito in BocaTango is an open air museum that recreates the old conventillos, with clothes hanging from the windows, all its picturesquet characters, stories, dances and songs.
Come discover BocaTango`s “El Conventillo Viviente” and meet its noisy and cheerful tenants: The Tano, always singing songs, The Gallego, who repairs shoes, The Drunkard, constantly getting in everyone`s way while Fatiga, secretly in love with the beautiful Lulú, finds out that the fearsome Malevo forces her into prostitution to his profit. That is when Fatiga, torn by jealousy and loathing, challenges him to a Duel of Knives stirring up a kerfuffle in The Conventillo and even scaring away the policeman who comes to settle things down. Emboldened by his love for Lulú, the inexperienced Fatiga eventually manages to defeat Malevo right before the eyes of the Whole Neighbourhood. In view of such a chivalrous attitude, a new romance blossoms at Doña Cata`s Conventillo and, at last, Fatiga´s feelings for the pretty Lulú are requited.
Next to the Conventillo, a different Buenos Aires that of the opulence, the luxuries, the big halls and glorious nights. All this splendours unfolds at the BocaTango Salón, where the vitreaux café and a French-style canteclari provide the setting for a magnificent tango show with dancers, singers and a orchestra perfonming live. Here you can enjoy a dirnk while experiencing the authentic Tango Porteño.
Visit the fonda, The Salón and the rooms of the Conventillo, with their antique original objects and authentic Collector´s items, and discover every detail in BocaTango.