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Dirección: Guerrico, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Teléfono: +54 11 4371-1233
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Comentario: EISENHARDT has proved that Scrap Trading can be established in a highly professional and organised way.For every enquiry or requirement EISENHARDT replies with Photographs of actually available stock in their yard.This practice is much supportive to recommend the products to my prospective Buyers with more confidence
Autor: Radhakrishnan A (09-12-2017 11:24:25)

Comentario: The team that is Eisenhardt has shown me in the last 10 years I have worked with them that they are epitome of professionalism. Trading for at least 40 years, I know that they will be trading for another 100 years as have mastered the science of trading.
Autor: Sbonelo Mkhize (27-11-2017 17:07:55)

Comentario: Great Company to be apart of ! It inspires me to do what?s best for the company. I have been a EAA off and on for the last pass four years .The caliber of EAA this company hires. I?ve noticed it and our clients notice it. High- quality EAA produce high-quality results. The management motivated, talented, I feel that this is a good, positive company to work with and what we are doing is very interesting and exciting. All of our agents are smart and creative. This is reflected in the work that we produce. I also appreciate that Eisenhardt cares about the Trading community and the environment and encourages us to do the same. Eisenhardt firmly belief are reliability and truth good relationships are built on trust
Autor: Gaston Jordan (27-11-2017 18:42:17)

Comentario: Never before have I dealt with such a fantastic company as yours. Its always a pleasure dealing with you.
Autor: Siddharth Tipnis (24-11-2017 11:44:53)

Comentario: I have noted with satisfaction that Eisenhardt has been in business in a genuine way and I am prepared to partner with them for the growth of my firm and the Company.
Autor: Daniel Iruero (27-11-2017 11:09:21)


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