Sierras Chicas - Córdoba Province

Parroquia de Candonga

Where nature displays the magnificence of its seasonal colours... Where the mountain landscape is on man's scale... Where past and present complement...

Lying on the east slope of the Sierras Chicas, the area offers a synthesis of the most distinguishing aspects of the tourist proposal in Córdoba: a mountain landscape and gentle undulations, the presence of water in numerous rivers and streams, a typical mountain forest with the presence of species from the Chaco forest in the plains.

In addition, there are cultural testimonies from the colonial past (Capilla de Candonga, the Jesuit Ranch of Jesús María and the house of Caroya) and from the Italian colonisation (in Colonia Caroya, famous for its sausages and its traditional Italian cuisine). All this is in an area where different towns retain the memory of each of the stages in Córdoba's tourist development.

The natural hydric reserve "La Quebrada" in Rí­o Ceballos, the Festival Nacional de Doma y Folklore in Jesús Marí­a and the Campeonato de Golf del Centro de la República in Villa Allende are the main attractions that contribute to the uniqueness of the area, in conjunction with the infrastructure and services for the tourist found in Jesús Marí­a, Ascochinga, La Granja, Agua de Oro, Salsipuedes, Unquillo, Mendiolaza.

Aged woods along roads, streams, cities and small towns together with the Sierras Chicas in the background are the framework of this area for different activities in close contact with nature.