Paravachasca - Córdoba

A landscape with colours and aromas from the mountains and valley... Splendid testimonies of colonial Córdoba... A human scale for the activities... .

Flanked by the Sierras Grandes in the west and the Sierras Chicas in the east is the Valle de Paravachasca, crossed by the river Anizacate. Another group of rivers and streams come together into the Embalse Los Molinos, generating an attractive place for recreation and water sports.

The magnificent Quebrada del Condorito, a deep ravine in the east ridge of the Pampa de Achala and the heart of the national park with the same name, is an attraction of great importance for ecotourism for being one of the few habitats for the cóndor, other than the Andes.

However, Paravachasca means going deeply into Córdoba's historic roots. The city of Alta Gracia, the area's heart, holds one of the highlights of colonial times: the Jesuit Ranch from which the city originated.

Another feature of this area is the human scale of its proposal, represented in the villages along the river Anizacate and other areas, as well. La Bolsa, La Serranita, La Paisanita, Ciudad de América, and San Clemente with the changing colours of the different landscapes and seasons are the synthesis of the offer of infrastructure, services and activities that identify Paravachasca.

Estancia Jesuitica en Alta Gracia