Córdoba City

Once upon a time, there was a river and a valley that became a plain... It was a city of doctors and colonial monuments... Today is a great city where culture, infrastructure and services determine its identity...

Founded in 1573 on the banks of the river Suquía, in the transition area between the mountains and the plains, the city of Córdoba, capital of the province of the same name, stands out as a great cultural and services centre in the interior of the Argentina.

Second largest in Argentina, this city still keeps in its historic centre one of the most important monumental heritages in the country, with a group of churches, convents and mansions from the XVII to the XIX centuries of remarkable architectonic and artistic value. The Cathedral, the Compañía, the Santa Teresa and Santa Catalina convents, The Marqués de Sobremonte's residence, the Rivera Indarte theatre are among the outstanding monuments of Argentine architecture.

But together with this historic city, there is a Córdoba which is modern, vital, first-class university centre, business, culture and recreation centre and which has excellent hotels and services for the tourist.

The central area with the vitality and bustle of its pedestrian malls, shopping arcades, shopping centres, culture and recreation centres, the river Suquía and the Cañada as axis of a new urban landscape, are essential elements in the city's identity.

As an added value to this great offer, there is the fact that Córdoba is located in a real meeting spot of roads and of communications in the centre of the country, which makes of it an excellent place for congresses and conventions.

Modernity and tradition... Córdoba, in short, offers the possibility to enjoy a good quality urban environment, due to its present values based on a history several centuries long.