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Colon Theater - Opera House of Buenos Aires

Cafe Tortoni

Casa Rosada: Like Ellis Island in New York, this customs house served as the gateway to Buenos Aires for thousands of European immigrants in search of their own American dream.

Plaza de Mayo: During Buenos Aires Second Foundation, Spanish Juan de Garay chose this place to locate the Main Square of Ciudad de la Santísima Trinidad y Puerto de Nuestra Señora de los Buenos Aires, as it was called those days.

Palacio Barolo: Palacio Barolo, is one of the treasures of Avenida de Mayo, with monumental architecture, full of meaning.

Cabildo: A museum today, Cabildo was once the royal government house during colonial times. The building was completed in the year 1610 but was found too small and was expanded immediately.

National Fine Arts Museum: Here you will find the most complete collection of fine Argentine paintings (2nd floor), as well as European (1st floor). Avenida del Libertador 1473.

Avenida de Mayo: It is interesting to see the variety of cupolas and different building styles of this lovely main road leading into Plaza de Mayo (Mayo Square). There you can see the Pirámide de Mayo (Mayo Pyramid), which commemorates the independence of the first Argentine government. Other important buildings are the Cabildo (town hall of colonial times), Palacio del Gobierno de la Ciudad (Municipal Executive Building), the Cathedral and the Casa Rosada (Government House), seat of the Executive Branch of the Argentine Government. Nearby, you can find the "Manzana de las Luces", a group of buildings related to Argentine history and culture. Towards the river, the renewed Puerto Madero is worth visiting.

Cafe Tortoni: Perhaps the oldest and most traditional cafe in Buenos Aires. The place has an important literary, political and journalistic history and is frequented by a colorful crowd. Avenida de Mayo 829.

Shopping: Buenos Aires is endowed with a nomber of luxurious shopping malls. Probably the nicest is Galerías Pacífico (Córdoba y Florida). After visiting this place go on walking down Florida st. to Avenida Corrientes. On the right you will see the Obelisco, although it is not a very inspired monument, it is the most important monument of the city. Fifty meters from there, to the right, you could have dinner in one of the best restaurants of Buenos Aires: Tomo 1 (International Cuisine). Carlos Pellegrini st. 525-Reservations: 326-6310/14.

Tango Orchestra of Buenos Aires (conductors: Garello and García). Alvear Theater-Avenida Corrientes 1659. Concerts: Almost every thursday at 1 p.m.

Colon Theater: One of the best lyric houses in the world, also renowed for its Classical Music seasons. Cerrito 618. There are guided tours and performances from March to November.

Obelisco: Intersección de Avenida Corrientes y Avenida 9 de Julio. The Obelisco is 70 meters high and inside has a 200-step stairway used to do maintenance jobs. It is a meeting place for musical performances and celebrations and political demonstrations for the city.

Puerto Madero: The latest big development project. Coverted old red brick warehouses on the dock side. Walking down Avenida Dávila, between Córdoba and Tte. Gral. Peró:n you will find several elegant cafes and restaurants beside the De la Plata River. Try Cabaña Las Lilas restaurant for an unforgettable trial of the Argentine beef, Cholila for Argentinean nouvelle cuisine, of Katherine -top restaurant managed by Katherine herself- a kind, Norwegian girl.

Polo match in Buenos Aires

The stage of Colon Theate

Recoleta Cementery

Tango in San Telmo District Streets

Tren de la Costa: The norther coastal railway used to be a commuter line between the affluent residential neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. A derelict line since 1962, it has been transformed into an exciting tour. It leaves "Olivos" station (15 Kms from downtown) four/six times per hour and arrives to "Delta" station, after a bautiful journey. There, an amusement park, marvelous fast boat connections and the amazing delta of the river are awaiting for you. You can use the train as much as you want, it just costs 3 USS for the day. "San Isidro" is a particular attractive station. Old colonial houses, lots of green and fashionable shops, restaurants and cafes make it a place you should visit.

La Boca: Literally Buenos Aire´s most colorful barrio (neighbourhood), it was settled and built up by Italian immingrants along the Riachuelo, a sinuous waterway lined with meatpacking plants and werehouses that separates the capital proper from the industrial suburb of Avellaneda in Buenos Aires province. Its streets and bright colorful houses are unmistakable. Caminito Street served as an inspiration for the tango, which so well immortalized Carlos Gardel.

Recoleta: An elegant and exclusive neighborhood full of green streets, cafés and restaurants, antique shops, a cultural center and the Cementerio del Norte (known as La Recoleta Cemetery), a museum of history and sculpture.

Palermo: It is one of the largest and most beautiful places of the city. There is a curious Zoo, a Botanical Garden, the former premises of Sociedad Rural and the large Parque 3 de Febrero (3 de Febrero Park).

Catedral Metropolitana (City Cathedral): The Catedral Metropolitana was finished in 1862. Great Liberator General Jose de San Martín are in a guarded mausoleum at this catholic cathedral. Liberty, Commerce and Labour are the three statutes around the mausoleum, as well as the seals of Argentina’s neighboring nations. There are paintings and sculptures from 18th century artists.

San Telmo: This is the site of the tango, held on Sunday from 10am to 6pm. The Barrio de San Telmo is on the oldest district in the city and there are indoor flea markets, old mansions and an antique market than residents and tourists visit all the time. In a historic corner of the city this neighborhood also offer fine live performances and fun for all.

Parque de la Costa: There light shows and dancing waters fountains, roller coasters, live concerts and circus performances. The Parque de la Costa offers an IMAX theatre and an amphitheatre. This park is the only one of its kind in all of Latin America and there are restaurants and short catamaran trips down the river.

La Martina Polo Ranch: Situated 52 km of Buenos Aires City. The La Martina Polo Ranch is the place to visit to see the polo ponies. It is an important polo school and swimming, horse back riding, polo and paddle are all practiced at La Martina Polo ranch. On weekends you can assist in the training and matches of the ponies.

Casa Rosada Museum: The first step to visit the interiors of the government palace is to enrol for a guided visit in Casa Rosada Museum.

Congreso Buenos Aires City: El Congresso is quite impressive. Finished in 1906 in an Italian academic style with some classical touches, the building is a four-storied rectangle and has two pavilions, one on each side.

Tango National Academy: The Tango music has been a major symbol of Argentina for the past two centuries, one of the most significant cultural element representing a whole Nation.

Tourism in Buenos Aires

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