Señor Tango

Since Señor Tango opened in 1996, both the place and Fernando Soler have received numberless acknowledgments and awards; the following stand out....

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Child Dinner Show - 3 to 8 years

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Señor Tango

Since Señor Tango opened in 1996, both the place and Fernando Soler have received numberless acknowledgments and awards; the following stand out.

Since Señor Tango opened in 1996, both the place and Fernando Soler have received numberless acknowledgments and awards; the following stand out.

The house was declared of Parlamentarian Interest by the House of Representatives of the National government; of Touristic Interest by the Secretariat of Tourism of the National government, and ofCultural Interest by the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The Houston World Confederation of Businesses awarded the 2005 Bizz Awards to Señor Tango, for best Tango Musical; the show’s creator and director, Fernando Soler, was commended on the excellence of his entrepreneurial work.

In 2005, Fernando Soler also received the “Marco de la Paz”, an award annually granted by the Business Association of Sao Paulo, for his ten-year contribution to Brazil-Argentina relations with his music and songs.

In 2006, The House of Representatives of Argentina declared that his work and personal credentials as an artist and creator were of Cultural Interest, and in 2007 Fernando Soler was voted Prominent Personality of the City of Buenos Aires.

In March 2008, the Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences rewards “Señor Tango”, acknowledging it by holding the Latin Grammy Awards there, and recognizing him as an icon of national music.

Presently, Fernando Soler is about to travel to Belo Horizonte-Brazil to be awarded the “Best International Singer”, and to Sao Paulo to receive the “International TouristHighlight” award for Señor Tango.

For all of the above, and also for reasons you will discover on your own, we believe that “Señor Tango” - the most spectacular show in the history of Tango- is the right place for an unforgettable experience.

Gastronomy is an “art” which symbolises our country. In Argentina, like in many other places in the world, plain good eating is considered a pleasure no household can do without.

Señor Tango offers local and international gastronomy.  We work with qualified professionals, and carefully select ingredients, combining textures, tastes and aromas to achieve exquisite fine taste.

At the turn of the century, a traditional Italian immigrant family arrived in Buenos Aires, with their trunks and velises carrying memories of their native land, a few belongings, and dreams galore.

They settled close to the port, in Barracas, a traditional neighbourhood teeming with hard working people, industries and factories. There, right in the middle of five corners, opposite the old train station, they built a large general store, which in time became one of the largest and most prestigious stores.  They named it “Almacenes Brenta y Roncoroni”.

The house’s three-story, classical architecture, entrusted to one of its founders, accommodates vaulted roofs, iron columns, quebracho redwood brick floors, and sturdy structural accents.

Respecting the vision of the original builders, inspired by the site, and perhaps carrying the same old dreams, Fernando Soler renovated it, fully preserving the structure.

The entrance hall oozes elegance and refinement, the décor recreating the essence of the places where tango acquired its luster and splendour. The old general store became a magnificent theatre, dubbed by many “the Cathedral of Tango”.
This is the place that Señor Tango has taken over – the largest tango showcase in Buenos Aires, where tango exercises seniority as its undeniable protagonist.

Take the chance to see that the spirit of tango is alive in every nook and cranny, and, in the words of the historian of Barracas, Enrique Horacio Puccia, “Barracas was the district that enshrined the bandoneon on Buenos Aires’ lap.  Discover that the dreams of those first men seem to have frozen in time.


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  • Buenos Aires 4 Stars
    4 days/3 nights
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    - Transfers in/out International Airport
    - Dowtown Hotel in the city in private
    - City Tour
    - Dinner-Tango Show
    - Shopping Tour
    - Vouchers for discounts on shopping and dining
    - Flight tickets not included

    Rates from USD 420

    Rates for ARG
    Residents $ 5880
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  • Buenos Aires Luxury
    4 days/3 nights
    - 3 nights accommodation with breakfast
    - Transfers in / out International  Airport - Downtown Hotel in private
    - Coordinator Guide
    - Bouquets of flowers and bottle of wine gifts
    - Private City Tour
    - Dinner-Tango Show VIP
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